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Have a look at some of the projects we have been involved in and if you have any questions then please call on 078 3349 3016. Prefer e-mail or a land line? Then use the Contact Us page.

Radiator Repairs
cjd plumbing radiator repair.jpg
There are a number of things that can prevent your radiators from working, or working, efficiently. Air in the central heating system, sludge build up over time and a non balanced system will all affect the performance of your radiators and heating system.
Electronic Room Thermostat
cjd plumbing room thermostat.jpg
An upto date electronic thermostat will control the temperature of your home more accurately than a conventional dial type thermostat. Users can set the desired temperature at any time during the day and on different days of the week. Used in conjuction with thermostatic radiator valves it allows each room in the home to be kept at a confortable temperature.
Electric Shower
cjd plumbing electric shower.jpg
Do you have an electric shower that needs replacing? Or, maybe you would like an en-suite electric shower. Contact us today.
Washing Machine
cjd plumbing washing machine plumbed.jpg
Have your washing machine expertly plumbed in to conform to the relevant water regulations.